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Balancing On-line College Studies, Work, and Personal Relationships

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Balancing On-line College Studies, Work, and Personal Relationships On-line college studies bring forth various challenges for a student as the concept of time

Balancing On-line College Studies, Work, and Personal Relationships

Balancing On-line College Studies, Work, and Personal Relationships

As mentioned, in decision making, I utilize effective prioritization in order to come up with the best possible options for a given situation. In this sense, I build up a hierarchy of considerations and events which may come up and how I should perceive each and every situation given if such situations overlap. In addition, I also develop a sense of hierarchy in relation to studies, work, friends, and family. Although it may seem that such an approach seems to be quite effective and one may bring up questions as to why even though people tend to have a similar approach but fail at decision making. The answer is quite simple, the reason for the inability to utilize prioritization as a tool for guiding decision making is not strictly followed and such individuals opt to choose the easier or more pleasurable choices instead of selecting the more important tasks. In my case though, I prioritize and decide according to which choice would bring the most positive effects.

Since it is quite often that I am placed in a situation wherein I have to decide between different possible tasks in which time is of the essence, I have developed a way to incorporate efficient time management aside from effective prioritization into my decision making skills. To expound, efficient time management in my own perspective pertains to how the hours of the day or the days of the week are scheduled effectively in order to progress in my work and studies while still being a significant presence to my family and friends. Also homework live help and time management pertains to the reality that some decisions made or tasks accepted may be done on another day while some events cannot simply be accomplished if missed the first time around. In relation to prioritization though, not every opportunity or task that may not reoccur on a definite time is not always the best option so time management in relation to decision making.

The important aspect of the decision making process in this sense, is the capability to postpone something to be done at a later time but still making sure that the postponed task is accomplished. In addition, order custom essay writing it can be also important to know which tasks should certainly be conducted first and at the very same time comprehend which tasks can seriously be set aside initially. In this sense, what functions for me personally as discussed, will be to use both time management and prioritization in deciding which tasks or events will need to be deemed to become completed initially. Of course, such a process has some negative points too. In most instances although, from a private standpoint, it can be undoubtedly useful to work with effective time management and effective prioritization in relation to choice creating as reflected through the stability of my individual relationships with household and good friends, too as beneficial productivity at function and on my studies.

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Buy Zoloft Online Now

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